Creative Commons content is becoming more and more popular. This is not a surprise because small business owners have realized how useful this content can be. Of course, there are other categories of people that find CC content helpful. The good news is that the number of Creative Commons images is growing which means that you can find great photos for free easily. Yet, this also means that finding a free image that depicts exactly what you want might become a difficult task because there are millions of photos out there.

This is where specialized photo websites come into the picture. In this article, we will describe the most useful places where you can look for Creative Commons images.


Compfight is actually a search engine focused on images with a CC license. Compfight is using the Flickr API. So, the final results you get are images from Flickr. One might ask, why not visit Flickr in the first place. Where the answer is simple – the search engine works in a simpler way and usually provides more precise results.


Of course, we will also mention Flickr as part of this list. This is a gigantic platform that includes both paid and free images. Thousands of authors and ordinary users are present on Flickr every day. According to their statistics, they have more than 200 million photos that come with a Creative Commons license. It’s good to know that Flickr is a partner with many well-established organizations like the National Archives in the USA and NASA.

Wikimedia Commons

This is another way to find Creative Commons images. However, this website is useful only for those interested in getting retro photography, drawings, and paintings with CC license. Wikimedia Commons contains over 14 million files. The site has images and photos from the most popular galleries in the world.  


Photopin might not have an impressive fact behind it, but it does have hundreds of beautiful free images. What most users like about this website is the fact that it provides very accurate results. Of course, you should use the right keywords to get the best results.

Digital NZ

One might think that a website like this is helpful only to NZ residents and NZ businesses, but the truth is that you can find CC images that can be used anywhere. The Digital NZ website comes with a search engine that includes CC-licensed images from many institutions and organizations from New Zealand.

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