Let’s be honest – not every person has the skills, equipment, knowledge, and talent to become a photographer. It takes years of practice, a lot of learning and an artistic touch to create a good photography. So, if you are not a photographer and you have no experience, but you want to get good photos for your website you have two options. First of all, you can pay an artist to take photos for you or buy stock photos. The next option is probably better, especially if you have a limited budget. This option requires visiting a specialized website where you can find free images for websites.

The artists upload their work on these photos in order to build their portfolios and make their work more visible while users are downloading free photos because they want to enrich their content without spending money. So, this is a win-win situation for everyone. But, where are the best places to download free images for websites?


For starters, you can visit negativespace.co and download or copy great photos. You are free to use these photos in any way you want. When you download the photo from this website, you don’t need any permission to use the photo on your personal blog or online store. The images are categorized adequately and the search option works great.


Even though Unplash.com is one of the newest websites of this kind, it became a hit for many people looking for free images for their websites. The good news is that this online platform is focused only on high-quality images related to literally any topic you can come up with. It’s good to know that the site’s collection of free images is growing on a daily basis. People have downloaded almost 100 million files from this website in the past three years.


The first thing you will notice when you visit this website is the impressive slideshow which usually includes different landscapes. But, this doesn’t mean that Freerangestock.com is only about nature and landscapes. You can find different types of photos too.


This is a website that has a self-explanatory name. Freeimages.com has more than three million photos. It is your job to select a category (they are covering every possible category) and use a keyword if needed. You will get many results in any case. Every image comes with a clearly stated author name, attribute and camera type.

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